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Myofascial release is important because it allows your body to move more fluidly and efficiently. Myofascial release is also a proven effective treatment for chronic pain.

Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds everything within the body. It allows muscles, organs, skin, etc to glide over each other while allowing movement and preventing friction. Healthy fascia has a gel-like consistency but when it becomes stagnant it becomes thicker and stickier. Sometimes this stickiness can restrict movement. When it does start becoming sticky and preventing movement it is a vicious circle because without movement it becomes stickier and causes more restriction.


This is where a myofascial release is important. Your therapist’s hands go in and move the fascia around using various techniques allowing it to become less sticky. Fascial work can range from very light skin movement to bone-deep and is typically done without lubrication. The intensity of this modality depends on the types of techniques used, how deep the therapist is going, and how restricted the fascia is.

The massage therapist at Life's Precious Moments specializes in myofascial release for professional athletes. The types of techniques used and the depth that we go can be immensely intense during the session. The safety word is "pineapple". After my work is complete my players say that they feel instantly less restricted with increased range of motion and can feel their muscles firing more correctly, this prevents injury and allows their body to perform optimally for games.

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