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Deep tissue massages are a form of massage therapy that is used to realign the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissues addressing and resolving the underlying problems that can lead to chronic pain and stiffness. It differs from regular massage treatments; in that, it addresses deeper, more rooted issues in the muscles and ligaments, and allows treatments to be more vigorous, successful, and long-lasting.

Many people try a variety of massage treatments before moving toward deep tissue massage. Because treatment may be viewed as a “last resort”, it is often covered by insurance benefits.

When a person experiences ongoing stiffness, tension, or sustained an injury to their muscles, tendons, and ligaments, these form a band of rigid inflexible tissues called adhesions (known colloquially as “knots”). While most adhesions are relatively minor, extreme cases can block circulation, limit movement, and flexibility, and be extremely painful.


Often, the only way to address these adhesions is through deep tissue massage treatments.

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