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Do you accept insurance?

January 2021


I don't take insurance for the most part I you take insurance from people that are in the Teamster's Union I do take workers compensation but if I don't take your insurance I do give discounts for people that have an active insurance plan. PayPal takes everything from Google pay to Apple pay to the touchless tap pay.

Will you remain open during another lockdown?

January 2021

 I now make my appointments 30 min apart for cleaning and disinfecting. My methods have been inspected and certified by the state. I have been certified by the state to be an essential medical provider which will allow my clients to continue treatment through another state shutdown.

Why do my feet hurt when I stand up first thing in the morning when I first get up or after sitting down for some time and standing up?

January 2021

In most cases it is a condition called Plantare Fasciitis. The issue is more likely that not a calf muscle issue.  Some common causes are: wearing heals, flats (causing falling arches), people working in the healthcare field because of walking on the hard floors for one to two shifts daily.  Those are just a few of the causes but there are more.


I have a sharp pain that runs down my leg from my butt and its paralyzing at times.  The doctor says that it is sciatic and I may need surgery.  Another cause is sciatic pain is pregnancy. 

January 2021

 In my experience it is more commonly not sciatic, which is a nerve root issue.  The problem is in a butt muscle called the Piriformis.  That muscle can become hypertonic (tight) and when is goes into spasm it presses the sciatic nerve against the ilium (hip bone) which causes the pain/numbness from the butt to run down the leg or up to your low back.  Pregnant women are not able to take medication for obvious reasons but orthopedic massage therapy is a very effective non-medical intervention.  

My fingers go numb and I don’t Know what the problem is.

January 2021

A lot of time people are said to have carpel tunnel.  There are test to prove true carpel tunnel and in those cases surgery is necessary.  In most cases the problem is tight flexor muscles in the wrist.  Tight wrist muscles can compress the tunnel and cause numbness.  An orthopedic massage therapist has methods to address the wrist flexors and extensors to decrease the amount of pressure they are exerting on the tunnel.  That reduced pressure directly reduces the numbness experienced in the wrist and down to the fingers.

There are many other issues that orthopedic massage therapy can address.  If you have any issues or questions that were not addressed here please feel free to give us a shout out.  We will post the question and answer for others to see and maybe help them through their issues. 

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